Ahhhh Valentine’s Day! Whether you’re coupled up or not, everyone feels the pressure of this “Hallmark Holiday.”  If you’re single, you may be worried about not having a Valentine.  If you’re taken, you feel the pressure to do something grandiose, lest you disappoint your Valentine.



I will say this…Valentine’s Day (just like Mother’s Day) is one of the busiest, (if not the busiest) day for restaurants.  So there is full potential of waiting to dine at a madhouse, even with reservations.  However, if you make a reservation ahead of time and go at a less of a prime time, you can minimize the crowd you will encounter, making for a more romantic vibe on the day of L O V E.


If you are newly dating someone (few weeks up to two years) I will say the pressure is greater for the gents to show up.  Why? Because if you are wooing a woman, she wants to know that you care enough about her to do something on Valentine’s day, and if exclusivity hasn’t been discussed, well, they would probably feel special that they are your date on the day of.  Flowers are a must.


If you have been in a relationship for awhile, both of you might scoff at this “rookie” relationship holiday, and opt to cook dinner at home.  I’ve done this for years just for the plain convenience of avoiding crowds, but it’s super important you make your partner feel special that day.  A nice gift, like flowers or chocolates or even some cute Jeffrey Campbell Velvet Bow Rose colored heels would be kinda nice!! Lololol just kidding. 😉



All kidding aside, I think you should always make your partner feel special everyday, not just on this one particular day. I think in this day and age, where it seems impossible to sustain a long term relationship, and divorce rates are at about over 50%, this is important. If you show your partner some effort and affection always, like you did in the beginning, there should be no end.  Read a book like The Five Love Languages and find out your partner’s love language, and show them affection by the way the know how to receive it.





To make the most out of Valentine’s Day, you don’t have to spend tons of money or just go to a restaurant! There are tons of other things you can do to make your loved one feel special!


1. Grab some wine and cheese and head to the beach and watch the sunset and have a bonfire! (oooooh!! I actually stole this idea from a guy who told me he was gonna do this! I likey!)


2. Go to a cupcake bakery like Sprinkles or Susie Cakes and order a dozen mini cupcakes and have it arranged in the box with candy letters on top to read I LOVE (or LIKE! Relax, fellas you’re not proposing here:) YOU. Sprinkles is great cuz they have vegan cupcakes, if your girl is a vegan. (I actually told a guy to do this the other day, cuz his girl was a vegan and I must say, I’m patting myself on the back with this one, cuz…what girl doesn’t love cupcakes???)




3. Wine tasting. Fun! Classy way to get tipsy and get some feelings blurted out.  Romantic.


4. How about a concert?? Head to the Hollywood Bowl and catch a show cuz…who doesn’t love concerts??


5. Book a couples massage for two. 🙂


6. Go horseback riding.  Did this last year and I loved it.




7.  If you’re a good cook, I say show off and do this.  This isn’t the night for your tried and true chicken breast though.  I would go all out.  Lobster Thermidor with Rombauer Chardonnay? Yes please. Beef Bourguinion with a good cabernet?? Now we’re talking.


8. If you are a musician or poet, write her a song or a poem.  ULTRA ROMANTIC and is totally free.


9. Go to a jazz club.  Listen to some music.  Get inspired.  Ask your lady to slow dance?


10. Lastly, if you’re single…have brunch with the girls and have a GALENTINE’S DAY!!  Nothing more fun than hanging with the girls talking about dating mishaps while having bottomless mimosas. Guys, grab your wingman and see #9.  There will be lots of single ladies out and about!



Well, that’s all she wrote.  Hope you guys have wonderful Valentine’s Day full of LOVE!!!


Disclaimer: I am not, and do not claim to be some love expert nor a relationship guru.  I am however, a bit of an expert on female expectations ( having gone on many girls’ brunches), so I would say the bottom line is: ALWAYS MAKE YOUR PARTNER FEEL SPECIAL AND LOVED! Do that always and you can’t go wrong.




All photos shot by Kelly Brooke who was a rockstar and shot this entire look in 10 minutes cuz #thatpinkwall always has a crazy mass of people waiting to #OOTD with their iPhones. Check out her website here or follow her Insta: @kellybrookephoto.



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