Holiday Shopping Time!


It’s that time of year again! Time to shop for Holiday gifts! Whether you guys actually enjoy braving the crowded malls and shopping centers to go shopping, or prefer to shop for these gifts at the comfort of your own home in your jammies, the question remains the same for all…”What to get for your mom/sis/boyfriend/ best friend??”


For me the investigation starts long before the actual holiday season.  Paying attention to what they like is key.  (You may appreciate a dozen of cupcakes from Sprinkles or Susie Cakes, and think that’s a really thoughtful gift, but your friend who is in super weight-loss mode might not see it the same way! 😉



As a fashionista, I tend to give clothes or accessories a lot as gifts.  I sort of can’t help it.   It’s what I gravitate towards.  The good news about fall/winter apparel is that you can rest easy that (at least I can speak for here in southern Cali) the colors we buy for fall/ winter are the very same colors that are on trend next winter/ fall. So if you buy a friend an oxblood or mustard ( my two favorite colors for fall) turtleneck, you know they will get use of it next winter or fall too!








As for non-clothing pieces, I think it’s fun to give unique gifts.  For example, I saw these meditation coloring books ( for grown ups!) that I think were pretty cool that would be awesome for yogi friends.  For kids, I love giving gifts they can build themselves, so the gift doubles as an activity and toy.;) This line of buildable toys by Seedling is my favorite right now.




And hey guys, if you are shopping for your girl…you can never go wrong with a nice handbag or shoes! 🙂


What about you? What are you guys planning on getting your loved ones???


XO Karen



All pictures taken by Kelly Brooke.  Check out all her other work here or follow her on Instagram: @kellybrookephoto. 🙂



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