Summer to Fall

When you live in a place like Southern Cali, (where the fall is basically a chilly morning, a hot day, then straight back to cold as soon as sundown,) how to dress for this finicky weather can be tricky.  For the most part, I’m grateful that I can wear my summer pieces still, and just wear them with more “fall” pieces like suede or maybe velvet!  Here I’m wearing my favorite chambray denim maxi skirt I wore all summer by Pistola Denim, along with a suede crop top, which because of its fabric, can be quite warm.  An outfit like this is ideal for when it’s still hot during the day, then when the day ends…just wrap myself around a  big comfy cardigan!  How about you? How will you transition your summer pieces into fall to get more wear out of them?






All photos by Kelly Brooke.  Check out her work here, or follow her on IG: @kellybrookephoto.


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