Falling For Fringe Year After Year


I know that people seem to think that fringe is having a moment right now and will be passé like, any moment now, but I feel like they have been saying that year after year since the mid 2000’s when I fell hard for fringe and have been rocking a fringey bag literally daily ever since. Flash forward to 2015 and I think I’m going to take it upon myself to say that “fringe” has become a wardrobe staple rather than a trend that will pass. Well, that seems to be what’s going on in my closet anyway.  How about you? Has fringe become a mainstay in your closet?










All photos shot by the talented Kelly Brooke, whose site can be seen here.  Follow her instagram, @kellybrookephoto to see the magic she makes with both a profeshh camera and an #iphoneonly. 🙂 Ha!


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