RAWWR: Animal Prints, Yay or Nay?


My take on animals prints is that one should only wear them sparingly, as an accent, like a leopard pair of shoes or bag worn with an otherwise very simple outfit, particularly a black dress or simple skinny jeans and a tee and leather jacket.  Since animal prints are pretty garish, mixing prints should be avoided unless you want to look like a walking stack of pet beds.






       I don’t normally don animal print as the focal point of an outfit, because let’s face it…anyone who wears a  (skin-tight) leopard print dress is in danger of looking like a stereotypical cougar, which is not my thing, but if it is yours, do your thang, boo thang!!! (Hey!! Halloween idea!!)



    Yet I’m loving this TIGER print playsuit by Some Days Lovin I’m wearing here.  It’s a comfy loose romper with a  fresh fun print, and styling them with edgy pieces like this bra by Free People (that’s so cute it’s meant to be seen), some arm candy….


….feather earrings…


…and some fringe annnnnnd voila!!  That’s a cougar-free outfit right there!!!



What about you? Would you dare to wear animal prints?
XO Karen

All Photos by the lovely and amazing Kelly Brooke.  Follow her on IG @kellybrookephoto or go to her site here to view more of her work. 🙂


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