Guys Just Don’t Get It


It’s funny to me how every so often, I’ll wear an outfit that I absolutely love and feel great in, (and get tons of compliments from other women as well) but will just collect a mass of strange, confused looks from men. These outfits are what I have categorized as outfits that “guys just don’t get.”



Outfits that fall under the “Guys Just Don’t Get” category, (GJDG) are as follows:


  1. boyfriend jeans
  2. babydoll tops
  3. high waisted shorts/pants  (I believe there is a petition going around stopping women from wearing these. Of course, this petition was started by a man. They would rather we show our midriffs, not cover them.)
  4. overalls
  5. jumpsuits (like this super cute one I’m wearing here by Mink Pink)
  6. harem pants (unless you actually belong to a harem.)
  7. basically anything baggy that covers our shape, unless of course, it was something of theirs like their shirt, in which case, that’s an exception cuz that’s sexy as hell if you ask anyone, man or woman.




Although of course being aesthetically pleasing to men isn’t something we women are entirely opposed to being, I like to think that I dress for myself, and wear what I LIKE regardless of what anyone (male or female) else thinks.  Pleasing your man is important yes, but so is expressing yourself and who you are to the world.







Confidence is sexy, and that shows more than wearing a crop top or short skirt, and isn’t diminished by anything that you might think covers you, like a baggy jumpsuit.


Really feel yourselves ladies, and it won’t matter if you’re wearing an outfit that “guys just don’t get!”


All photos by Kelly Brooke.  When I was really feelin myself we tried to recreate Beyonce’s “hold her pony pose,” here but let’s face it…even if I have the same amount of hours in the day as Beyonce does, I sure don’t have the same amount of hair! Ha!  Back down to earth I go! LOL.  Follow Kelly on Instagram @kellybrookephoto or check out her photography site here.



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