The Good Ole Shirtdress…(and Other Things Petite Girls Can Pull Off Well ;)

You know what’s one of the best perks of being petite? It’s that tunics and long shirts can be pulled off as dresses! With the classic shirt dress always in style, it’s good to have the option to belt and transform any longish shirts as a dress.  ( Don’t forget to wear cute lil shorts underneath though, to avoid any unwanted peek-a-boos! )  The shirt pictured here is by LUSH.

Now don’t get me wrong…sometimes I wish I knew what it was like to be tall and statuesque, but I’ve really come to appreciate all five-feet-two-inches of me. There’s so much that a petite girl can get away with! Another example is statement pieces like these amazing gladiator heels by Jeffrey Campbell.  They look cute and fashionable without calling too much attention to yourself if you were naturally tall and towered over people. 😉

No matter what size you are though, it’s important to love and accept yourself as you are! I’m all about improving yourself to feel your utmost best, but there is nothing more radiant and beautiful than confidence and also being comfortable in your own skin, so just flip that hair and rock it, girls!!!
xo Karen
All photos shot by Kelly Brooke.  She told me to flip my hair back and forth and I followed.  Follow her too on Instagram at @kellybrookephoto, or check out her site here: 

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