It’s Getting Hot (and Humid) in Heere!!


“It’s getting hot in here…so start wearing more crop tops!” Ha ha ha so my rewrite of Nelly’s hit smash about getting hot and bothered may be one too many syllables and isn’t at all as catchy…but man oh man it’s so very true for this year’s summer heat wave don’t ya think???  So hot and humid out there…just makes me want to wear crop tops, open toe shoes and shorts all the time! No need to go anywhere tropical with this weather right now!



Get these exact amazing responsibly-made booties by Fortress of Inca here: the Julietta.  These open toe booties are perfect for this weather right now to keep cool, without having to wear just flip flops!



Stay cool out there everyone, and don’t forget to hydrate!


All photos shot by the amazing Kelly Brooke, who managed somehow to make me look like I was somewhere cool like Cuba or Panama.  Nah, was just in LA.  Haha.  Follow her on Instagram at @kellybrookephoto or check out her site for more of her photo amazingness!!!




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