These Booties Were Made For Walkin

Hey guys!!! So from now to July 31st you can score these super comfy super cute JULIETTA PEEP TOES by Fortress of Inca for 10% off  and free shipping and returns when you use the coupon code KARENCRUZCONTROL at the checkout!  





I am very proud to be supporting this ethical brand.  Fortress of Inca makes sure that all of its shoemakers in Peru are treated fairly, are being taken care of and are not underpaid.  The shoes are all handmade and they only use premium leathers and quality materials.






Buy a pair and feel the difference!  Here again is the link to buy my shoes!–>  JULIETTA PEEP TOE   
Don’t forget to use my coupon code KARENCRUZCONTROL to get 10% off!



All photos are by the amaze Rahil Hashim.  Follow him on IG at: @rahil323 🙂




I’ve included similar brands if the actual brand I bought is no longer available and also to fulfill all price points! Enjoy and happy shopping! xo

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