Something Different: The White Moto Jacket


Anyone that knows me and sees me often would know that I love love love my BLK DNM Motorcycle jacket.  I wear it almost daily, with every outfit.  That’s why when I saw this WHITE leather jacket, I thought, “How refreshing!” It’s perfect for spring and summer, and was a nice change from the same ole black moto jacket I wear everyday.  Only thing is, it’s white and trying to NOT get it dirty might give me anxiety whenever I wear it! Hahahaha! What do you think? Would you rock the white leather moto jacket???  I think it’s cute and chic, and is a perfect mix of clean yet edgy rock n’ roll.


xo Karen








All photographs were taken by the amazing team at ZY2PHOTO Photography, Kelly Ridgeway and Betz Dauterman.  Follow them on instagram at @zy2photo. 🙂




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