Dance Like No One Is Watching


Ever seen that meme that says, “Dance like no one is watching…cuz they really aren’t, they’re too busy looking at their phones.”  It’s so funny to me, because unfortunately not only is that true nowadays, with everyone being glued to their phones, ( I’m guilty of this myself…eek! ) but that quote actually offers some comfort to all of us who worry about doing something silly in front of everyone else.  The truth is, not only is everyone else glued to their phones, but everyone else is also so caught up in themselves or what they are going through in their own lives to notice if you made a fool of yourself, what you are doing, or if you are dancing with no rhythm. So go ahead, dance like a fool, take that selfie in a restaurant, or whatever it is that will make you happy.  Forget what everyone else thinks or worry about being judged.  Your happiness, in the end, is all that matters anyway, so YOU DO YOU.


XO Karen











All Photos by Rahil Hashim.  Follow him on Instagram, @rahil323 to see more of his work. 🙂


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