Memorial Day Vibes


While Memorial Day has always signaled the start of summer for me, I also want to take a moment to express gratitude to the brave souls who have served and continue to serve this beautiful country so that we may sleep in peace and live our lives day to day knowing that we are protected and watched over. From the bottom of my heart I am grateful for the blanket of protection these soldiers have served us.  Paying respect to those who have perished for us, and giving a sincere heartfelt wish that all those serving now will return home safely to their families.


xo Karen










(All photographs were taken by the badass team at ZY2PHOTO Photography, Kelly Ridgeway and Betz Dauterman.)  Follow them on instagram at @zy2photo.


On a lighter note, I have now included links on here so that you can click and shop the look instantly for your convenience!  If an item is no longer available ( like this sold out Freedom maxi dress by
(Forever 21) I will do my best to include a link to a similar piece.  Hope you find this helpful!



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