Springtime, Spring Cleaning


It’s springtime, folks! Time for spring cleaning, decluttering and for making room for the new! Personally this spring I am going to give my closet a major overhaul and will be purging so many items! I have four closets that are full and I need to better organize them! So, watch out for my Poshmark account (@clothescontrol) for some of my cast-offs if y’all are interested! 🙂


As with every spring season, florals ARE always a trend. ALWAYS.  So I tend to keep all my floral pieces with anticipation of wearing them every spring!  This particular dress is actually new and was gifted to me on my birthday! ( Thanks, J! 😉  It’s Kimchi Blue from Urban Outfitters.  It’s perfect to wear on a warm spring day or to wear with a tan leather jacket for a more put together look like I did here! 🙂  Leather jackets are another thing I plan on not ever getting rid of! They are such staples in my wardrobe! 🙂


What will you be spring cleaning from your closet??


xo Karen






Spring Outfit Details:
Dress: Kimchi Blue/ Urban Outfitters (ivory color avail in store only)
Leather Jacket: Kenna T
Necklace: Sugilite crystal pedulum gifted to me 🙂





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