Desert Bound


I have a confession…so I had no real plans of going to Coachella last week.  None at all actually.  I hadn’t shopped for Coachella and I didn’t have my usual nail art…nothing.  That may as well have been the best way to manifest me going, because in the very last minute, my girlfriend invited me to go with a great group and there I was, scrambling to pack on Thursday night to go last minute on Friday!!!  Thankfully I dress Boho-chic on the normal, so I had this outfit ready to go for my Saturday Coachella look (which in my opinion was the best day music-wise.  Don’t miss Milky Chance or Jack White, please!)







If you are going this weekend, some good things you may want to bring to Coachella are:


1.) A cute backpack. This is a necessity to carry all the things you will need. It’s a lifesaver when all you want to do is dance and can’t be bothered with a shoulder bag. 🙂  Plus, you are going to need those hands of yours for holding hands with your group as you walk along the crowds, careful not to lose them. 🙂


2.) Speaking of not losing your group, a battery pack will help that tremendously from happening.  Reception is bad and the days in field are long.  Bring a battery pack.  You will thank me for this!  Yes there are charging stations but they are few and far in between.  A girl from our group got lost last week and her battery died.  It’s not fun losing your group and trying frantically to find them while you have a dead cell phone.  Talk about Mission Impossible!


3.) A change of clothes in that nifty ole backpack of yours! Something like a sweater and some kind of pants and flat shoes will transition you from your nice warm day look to when it gets cooler at night and your feet are over it!


4.) Gum, mints, sunblock, lotion wipes, tons of arm bracelets!! Travel size toilet paper wipes are handy for the not so nice porta- potties.


5.) Water.  Make sure you drink lots of water.  The desert is hot and it’s important to hydrate!






Perhaps the most important thing to bring to Coachella is: GOOD VIBES!!! There will be massive amounts of people, it is overcrowded and there WILL be some pushing to get to the front.  Just remember to bring that good attitude of yours!!! Don’t forget, we are all there to enjoy the music so let’s all be courteous to one another and just enjoy the music and rock out!!!


Xo Karen



Coachella Outfit Details:


Shorts: Forever 21
Bodychain: Nasty Gal (similar)
Cowboy Boots: Vintage


Photography: Rahil Hashim Photography

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