Harness Your Inner Child

This year I resolve to harness my inner child and live in the moment.  I am going to approach life with the innocent wonderment of a child, yet also utilizing the knowledge I’ve gained from growing and learning year after year.  As adults we tend to have worries about our life that take us away from this very moment, the present.










I remember being so carefree as a child, and I think utilizing that playfulness in life with everything you do, whether it be work or play, just really being in the moment and appreciating what is happening right now in front of you,  can really bring more joy to your life.  What are you going to resolve to do this year?  xo Karen



Oh…and P.S.  I’m also literally gonna harness this harness this year….you like???


Outfit Details:
Harness: Free People
Boots: Steve Madden
Top: Kimchi Blue ( no longer avail)
Knit Hat: Forever 21  (similar)


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