Fall in LA

       Fall in LA, let’s face it, is about 80  degrees all day until the temperature drops to the 60s at night.  The leaves change color, yes, but the flowers stay in bloom.  It may get windy here and there, but there will always be sunshine.  Do I have a point? Not really, except for the fact that I really can’t complain about the weather in gorgeous Southern Cali. I love this city.



Also loving this Grandpa Trench at this moment.  I’m never taking it off.



Ok, ok. Unless I get hot, then I take it off.





Outfit details…
Grandpa Trench Coat: Kimchi Blue
Floral Romper (no longer avail): Audrey 3 +1
Thigh High Socks: Forever 21
Beanie, Necklace: No Rest For Bridget


xo Karen

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