Spring Forward

Though rocking florals for spring is not exactly groundbreaking, I find that another trend this spring, the high waisted jean, is on the riskier side.   It’s definitely not for everyone, and can be tricky to pull off.  To all those that believe that women dress for men, rocking the high waisted look would definitely refute that.  Not a favorite to men, I’ve even seen several posts by men asking, pleading for women not to don this look, and enlisting other men not to compliment or encourage their women to wear the high waist in hopes to squash the trend.   Well, lucky for them, trends are fleeting, and one way to pull off this look is to actually marry it with a very man-approved look, which is the cropped top.  I think the key way to balance out the high waist is to show a little bit of skin, and with that, it actually can be cute! What do you think?

Wearing the high waist jean with this adorable cropped floral top from Topshop.


Oh and P.S…to all the men out there, regarding the high waisted trend…it’s coming for you!!! Haven’t you seen HER?? You can thank Spike Jonze for that! 🙂

Ultimately though, with any trend, just like in life, you have the choice to decide what is and isn’t for you.  What works for some, may not work for you, so choose wisely. Dress for no one else but yourself!   Make sure YOU wear the outfit and not vice versa. It should accentuate you and express to the world who you are at that moment, and for me, it’s playful!! 🙂

Outfit Details:

The Much Discussed High Waisted Jean: Urban Outfitters
Cropped Floral Top: Topshop
Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell ( no longer available)
Bag : Foley and Corrina Shopbop Exclusive ( no longer avail, so this is similar)

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