Be Young, Wild and Free

I discovered Wild & Free Jewelry while casually browsing on Instagram last summer.  I was taken by all the beautiful photos of custom made boots and immediately contacted Corina Brown, the designer and owner of Wild & Free Jewelry. Excited at the prospect of having custom made boots for myself that no one else would have, I went ahead and ordered two pairs!  She basically finds vintage cowboy boots for you, which she refurbishes and adorns to your liking, whether it be with lace and floral (me, me!) or a southwestern vibe with turquoise (me, too, me, too!) or any ideas you may have, really.  I love that not only will no one else have your custom made boots, (since you are creating it together) but the right and left boot aren’t exactly identical either.  I really appreciate finding unique pieces like this, when even today’s boutiques seem to carry mass produced product.  Not to mention that Wild & Free Jewelry’s hippie bohemian vibe is all me! 🙂

Not only does she make amazing custom made boots, but she also has a plethora of other unique pieces like rings, headdresses, jewelry, tie dyed short shorts (perfect for Coachella, which is coming up!!) and flannels.  I’m loving my most recent Wild & Free Jewelry piece, a vintage mint and lavender flannel which she fringed in the back and added studs on the shoulder and alongside the top of the fringes on the back, as per my request.


Throw on a white tank, cut offs, boots and some turquoise and crystal jewelry and I was feeling Wild & Free, indeed! xoxo




Cutoff Shorts: Lucky Brand
Boots:  Steve Madden
Turquoise Leather Bracelet: Planet Blue ( no longer avail)
Crystal Necklace:   Urban Outfitters
Turquoise Bullet Necklace:  Stacy Sterling
Ring: Low Luv by Erin Wasson
Skull Bracelets: Brandy Melville


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