OUT: Political Rants, IN: Wearing Camo

I do this thing.  Whenever I fall in love with a new trend, ( or I guess fall in love in general, ) I kind of go overboard.  Instead of following the sensible fashion rule of investing in one or two pieces of each trend, I go nuts.  For example, the skull trend.  I couldn’t buy just a few skull bracelets, I had to go get myself an entire “arm army” of skulls!! Instead of getting just that one skull-print LF top, I went and got the copy too.  Don’t even get me started with the whole “spikes” thing.  You know how that story ends.  😉  And so here we are again, and the Piscean in me has fallen head over heels in love with Camo!!!  And like I said, I couldn’t just get maybe the staple: a vintage army camouflage jacket, I had to go get camo skinnies, a bandeau, a hat and sweater too (when I already owned a good camo thermal top by LAMB, mind you.) Clearly moderation is not my thing. Lucky for you, my excessive nature has resulted in this medley of Camo-print looks I’ve put together  to hopefully inspire you, and help you decide which one or two pieces to invest in from this trend! 🙂

Here’s a casual cozy camo sweater and cords outfit for a rainy day like today…xoxo

Sweater: TOPSHOP
Cordouroys: Stitch’s
Sneakers: Steve Madden

Camo-print skinnies, basic white tee, leather jacket and a beanie?? Perfect, let’s go to a concert!! xoxox

Beanie: Veronica M
White Tee: Body Language Sportswear
Leather Jacket: Mike & Chris  (now defunct, damnit!)
Camo skinnies: Nameless
Strappy heels: LAMB
Dog tag Necklace: Kitson


Wore this outfit to see Breaking Dawn 2 and fell asleep. Haha. That has nothing to do with anything. Outfit details:

Vintage Camo Jacket: American Rag Cie
Beanie: Veronica M
Leggings: Brandy Melville
Boots: Jeffrey Campbell Hell Yes
Shirt: UNIF
Bag: JJ Winters

My new obsession has even affected my manicurist. I was dead set on getting camo print nails too. I went back twice to get them to perfect the daunting, not to mention time-consuming, task of swirling five different nail polishes together for it to remotely resemble a camouflage print.  I think they did a great job, didn’t they? Looks like camo to me!! 😉

So what about you? Which camouflage look are you going to sport?? xoxo Karen

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