It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like a Trippy Christmas

Knocked over a couple kids to get this shot.
You know I’m kidding right? They totally fell.

Have you gotten all your Christmas shopping done?? I’ve just started, and though the thought of dodging the “Christmas rush” at the malls makes me just want to scream “BAH HUMBUG!” I must admit that seeing all the decorations, Christmas lights and the grand Oh Christmas Tree at outdoor malls like The Grove in LA and Fashion Island in Newport Beach was more than enough to get me in the Christmas spirit! (Not to mention the free hot cocoa they give away at Bloomingdales! Why yes, I’ll take, thanks! 😉

Making my Christmas shopping list in my head.
Did you make my list?!?


I was a little more successful at finding gifts for my nieces this shopping trip, whereas, lately, big shocker:  I’ve been shopping for myself. It really is hard not to, when everywhere you look, there are sales everywhere, and it doesn’t help when you have no idea what to get your loved ones, but you know what you do know??? What you like. Great.



So I thought I’d wear some of the things that I’ve..umm…been Christmas shopping for myself (insert shameful blush face here)…ummm since Black Friday ( don’t act like you’re not guilty of doing the same)…to actual Christmas shopping for other people (for real!!)  This outfit has absolutely nothing to do with Christmas, but who says you have to dress like a friggin Christmas elf just to demonstrate that you’re Christmas shopping, I mean come on?!!?



 Besides, I just went crazy at a Novella Royale sale and any opportunity to wear these super cute Bells, I’ll take.  Coachella isn’t until spring next year, so Christmas shopping will have to do. 🙂


Flower child at Fashion Island


Outfit Details:
Tie Dye Bells: Novella Royale
“Ride to Live”Muscle Tee: Truly, Madly, Deeply
Goddess of Beach Headdress: Stacy Sterling
Fringey Cardigan: Some Days Lovin
Bag: JJ Winters (duh, all day, erryday;)

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