Tell Me About It, Stud!!!!

                                                                                                                               Ok so maybe the title of this blogpost should really be, “Tell me about it, Spikes and Pointy Toes!!!”  but these waxed black skinnies really remind me of Sandy from Grease, so guess what?? “Tell Me About It, Stud!!!” stays.   Today’s outfit of the day has to do with the outfit I wore last Friday night.  It was a cold cold night and wearing a dress would have resulted in me wearing chicken skin as well, which is not only not cute but uncomfortable also.  So I decided to put this lil Friday night number together.  Why post a weekend outfit on a weekday, you ask?? Well according to Ryan Seacrest in the morning, women start planning their weekend outfits at approximately 1:30 pm on a Wednesday! Hopefully this post will inspire you guys for you own weekend outfits! 😉        
I’ve had this teal blouse for ever…in several colors might I add, because they are such great, easy, chic tops to throw on with black for a night out!  I last wore this top early this year on my birthday when it was warmer, and I paired it with the cutest lace trimmed shorts.  Last Friday night was a bit colder so I opted to throw on my new black wax-textured skinnies by Flying Monkey. I love them because not only do they look like badass leather pants, but they really kept me warm as well, without the discomfort that leather pants can sometimes give! No baby powder needed, ya know what I’m saying?;)
   Another way in which this outfit was different this time around from my birthday was the shoes.  This past March I wore my trusty ole YSL Tribtoos. The black, hidden platform rounded toe pump was a hit for every  “petite” woman who wanted to add 5 inches to their height, thus appearing taller and thinner.  This time around, I styled this outfit with a classic, pointy toed pump.  I recently read in an InStyle interview that Halle Berry wished that the pointy toe trend would come back, because, as she said, “That’s my jam!” Well, Halle Berry, you’re in luck.  Not only is there a resurgence in the pointy-toed pump trend this fall, but the newer models even come with just a teeny bit of a hidden platform; so thin you can barely notice it, but still does the job of adding (secret) height. The result is a sexy pointy toed pump, that which lacks the sky-high height that the bulkiness of the Tribtoos provides, makes up for in sleekness in an honest, sexy heel.

And finally, let’s not forget the ACCESSORIES!!! Sexy, black wax-textured skinnies with a see-through bright top over a lacy black bra and some pointy heels just BECKONS badass jewelry doesn’t it??? This black vegan-leather with gold spike wrap around bracelet by PEACELOVEFLAIR was the perfect compliment to the outfit! Stack it with a gold, spiky studded bracelet and you’re good to go!!

I also threw on this “Love”  ring by Belle Noel, which was great because it appeared like a stacked set when it really is just one ring. Grabbed my quilted Chanel bag and I was out the door!!!

xoxox Karen

Blouse:         Fun 2 Fun
Bag:             CHANEL
Shoes:          Rachel Roy
Ring:             Belle Noel
Pants:           Flying Monkey
Bracelet:        PEACELOVEFLAIR


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