How to Look Stylish yet Comfortable While Traveling

With the holidays upon us, many of us are booking trips home to see family, or perhaps trips to exotic locales away from family after the holidays.  Whatever the occasion, traveling season is here! The most common problem while traveling that we women encounter is how to dress comfortably without looking too comfortable.   Being comfortable is one thing, but looking chic and stylish is just as important.   Besides, when you land and are greeted by family or friends you haven’t seen in a while ( or gasp, an ex!), you want to look your best, right?   Here are some pointers on how to travel stylish, yet comfortably.

1.) Do not travel in JUICYS.  Seriously. I know we all went through our Juicy phase.  How many sets of those plush,  beloved velour suits can one woman own?? I personally own too many, and at one point it was the staple uniform of the traveling female of all ages ( eight, ten years ago maybe?)…but seriously, don’t do it.  Wear these at home in secret if you must, I won’t judge, but wearing these to fly…well, as comfortable as you are in them…you also literally look so comfortable that you look like you kinda rolled out of bed as well.  Not the look we are going for. ( I’m going off tangent here, but hey…if you are doing a massive closet clean up/ overhaul….the Juicys should probably be the first to go…or at least tucked far far away in the deep crevasses of your closet, saved for a rainy day-in of eating ice cream and watching Netflix.  Just because J. Lo decided to resurrect her JUICY sweats in public ten years later doesn’t mean we all should, ok?)


2.) The key is: WEAR LAYERS.  A more stylish alternative is wearing a comfy sweater poncho like the one pictured above by UNIF.  It can get really cold in a plane, and wearing one of these is great because it literally is like wearing a blanket.  ( No snuggies, guys! Don’t even think about it!)  I wore a simple black cotton tank underneath, because while it can get chilly in a plane, you can really break a sweat while running to  your next plane connection if the timing is tight.  Wearing a tank helps, so you can just remove the sweater, and presto…you’re ready for warm weather too! I highly recommend you still wear a comfy sweater in a plane even while traveling to sunny locales.. You will thank me when they blast the A/C in the airplane cabin.  A knit hat like a beanie helps too, since the air is usually coming from overhead. 😉


3.) Less is MORE. Remember, you will be going through airport security…so if you are to bring arm party and awesome statement jewelry, keep it in your luggage, do not wear it. I personally opted to wear no jewelry, because to be quite honest…the security check point is my least favorite part of flying, and the sooner I get it over with, the better.  Besides, how annoying is it to remove your earrings, your belt, your bracelets, while in a long line of people waiting, just so you can put it on again two seconds later, with the same line of people watching, sometimes glaring at you? No thanks.    Oh and speaking of belts, if you feel jeans are comfortable to wear, go for it.  I wanted to travel as light as possible so I wore leggings! Black thick leggings are a great choice, because not only do you not have to wear a belt, but they are comfortable, light, yet still chic and versatile to any outfit.


4.)As for shoes, resist the urge to wear UGGS. Confession:  I will always wear UGGS, as ugly as they are, because they feel like my feet and calves are being hugged by clouds,  but please, please do not wear them while traveling, if the goal is to look put-together. Wearing Uggs just screams “Saturday day lounging at home.”  There are other comfortable alternatives to wear that are just as comfortable.  One, start with a pair of those  thick spa socks that we all get as stocking stuffers at Christmas. You know what I’m talking about? A pair like these ( again, will be a godsend in the cold, airplane cabin), then wear a low heeled comfy boot like my Zadig and Voltaire motorcycle-inspired boots pictured above.  They were comfortable to wear walking around in the airport,  while lugging heavy luggage, but still fashionable. 😉


5.) Totally not fashion related, but just as important to looking put-together while flying is to STAY HYDRATED.  Everyone knows that flying is extremely dehydrating, so always keep travel sized lotions, chapstick and face moisturizer handy.  Apply them throughout a long flight to keep your skin moist.  Drink lots of water and resist the urge to drink alcoholic beverages while flying (ok ok at least keep it to a minimum, because THAT can really dehydrate you.)  If you don’t listen to me and imbibe anyway to help calm your nerves from flying, and you get a little puffy around the eyes, bring this awesome de-puffer by Bliss.  I actually use it every morning to combat just-woke-up-under-eye puffiness, and at 0.5 fluid ounces, it’s a perfect size to travel with!!


6.) And for a finishing touch, re-apply your gloss and wear a fabulous pair of sunglasses as you deboard the plane! 😉


Here I am at my destination…ready for my holiday!!! xoxox

Sweater Poncho: UNIF, purchased at Luna Boutique
Boots:                  Zadig and Voltaire
Beanie:                Urban Outfitters
Sunglasses:         Tom Ford ( see Boho Babe post for link)
Bag:                     jjwinters ( see Boho Babe post for link)
Leggings:            Brandy Melville (they have the best!)

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