Happy Halloween!


How to dress thinner than you are…:)


  Since it’s Halloween, I thought it would be apropos to post the very outfit that inspired my costume this year.  I have been obsessed with this WILDFOX Death Becomes Her sweater since they came out with it, but then was torn because they also made a maxi dress with the same ribcage print on it! What’s a skull-and-bones-obsessed girl to do??? Well, anybody that knows me, knows that I LOOVE maxi dresses!! I tend to gravitate more towards them because they are basically an outfit in one piece. Throw on a maxi dress, easy accessories and you’re presto…put together!


So I got the maxi dress version. 😉 What sold it for me was that the sides of the dress come with buttons and you can raise the hem from the sides like pictured here.  Nothing better than having the option to wear the dress long with wedges or tall chunky boots, or with flats for a super casual look.  And although I do love the sweater version, I can throw on a cardigan with this maxi dress and wear it in the fall and colder months, and yet still rock it by itself sleeveless during summer! Done and done!

dress:        WILDFOX
bag:           Ember Skye
beanie:       No Rest For Bridget
bracelets:   Brandy Melville USA
sunglasses: Tom Ford Charles aviators

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